The Larder success depends upon Volunteers

What needs to be done

The Larder will be open at set times each week when people needing support are welcome to come to discuss their needs and take away the food they need. In general they will come with a voucher from a referring agency, such as Open Door or one of our churches, but otherwise we will listen to their story to see what should be done to help them

Food from our supporting churches and organisations will be delivered or will need to be collected. The food will have to be sorted and also the "best by" dates checked as we cannot release out of date food to our clients.

Many of our clients may not find it easy to get to our base in the Salvation Army hall, so volunteers will also be needed to make deliveries in the Exmouth area.

All our work will be carried out under our Christian Ethos and also with regard to a strict policy for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. The Larder's detailed policies are attached
(click here for a copy of the Larder Policies)

The volunteers we need

Not everyone will do everything, indeed we all have different skills and preferences. Hopefully we will have enough volunteers so that each individual is called upon for just a couple of hours once a week or maybe only once a month.   The jobs fall into the following general categories:-
    Collecting and delivering food
    Sorting food
    Meeting clients and discussing their needs

Collecting and delivering
When delivering food to clients we will always work in pairs, so while a car and driving licence are an obvious requirement non-drivers will be needed, especially with good doorstep personal skills.
Collection from churches and other supporters is simpler; a hatchback or car with an ample boot will help!

Sorting food

A backroom job sorting tins into similar categories; separating the beans from the steamed puddings, soup from peaches, and also checking the "sell by" dates. Also making up the bags of food to give a balanced mixture to support an individual or family over a crisis.

Meeting clients when The Larder is open
In some ways the most demanding tasks, needing the skill to communicate positively and non-judgementally with people in crisis. We should have at least three people available while we are open, so that two can be "out front" while a colleague is boiling the kettle. It will be good to have some volunteers with previous experience in the Open Door cafe or similar.

How to volunteer

Simply email your interest in volunteering with your name and contact details, how you would like to help and what days you would be available most weeks.   We will then respond with more information and a personal contact in The Larder.   (We don't put personal details on the website!)   Sooner or later we may ask for details of previous experience and two references, probably one from your church, and confirmation that you have read and agree The Larder's policies - if you send those straight away it will speed things up.   The Larder email address is at the foot of this page.

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