The Larder success depends upon Volunteers

This page of the website updated August 2018 when
Monday opening times were changed to the same as Fridays.

What needs to be done

The Larder opens on Mondays and Fridays from 1.30-3.00pm. We open on Bank Holiday Mondays as usual (1.30-3pm) People needing support are welcome to come to discuss their needs and take away the food as appropriate. In general they will come with a voucher from a referring agency, such as the Citizen's Advice Bureau, the Open Door Centre, EDDC housing team or welfare and benefits department, Health Service agencies or one of our churches.
If the client does not have a voucher, we listen to them to see what should be done to help them - usually giving provisions but also signposting them to a suitable agency to help with their underlying problem.

Food coming in from our many supporters needs to be sorted, in particular to check the "best by" date as we cannot release out of date food to our clients.

Food is then sorted on to shelves in the stockroom. and boxes made up for various preset client needs to facilitate handing out to clients.

We bag the food for clients, taking the contents of the prepackaged box into carrier bags for the client to take home.

The welcome / assessment team dicusses the situation with the client, proposing what is appropriate both in terms of food immediately and maybe signposting to an agency that can improve support.

Occasionally our clients may not be able to visit our base or may be unable to carry heavy bags; in these circumstances we will try to arrange delivery.

All our work will be carried out under our Christian Ethos and also with regard to a strict policy for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. The Larder's volunteer policies are attached. These have been updated to incorporate the policies of the Salvation Army; the Exmouth Community Larder is operating in Salvation Army premises and under their organisational umbrella.
(click here for a copy of the Exmouth Community Larder policies)

The volunteers we need

Not everyone will do everything, indeed we all have different skills and preferences. Generally, volunteers come once a week either Monday or Friday, arriving 20-30 minutes before the official 1.30pm opening time.

As above, the jobs fall into the following categories:-
    Sorting food
    Bagging up for the clients
    Helping in the stockroom
    Meeting clients and discussing their needs.
    ..... making tea or coffee, and being friendly to clients waiting

How to volunteer

Email your interest in volunteering with your name and contact details, how you would like to help and what days you would be available most weeks. The Larder email address is at the foot of this page.

.... or come and visit during our open hours, 1.30-3pm on Mondays and Fridays

New volunteers work on sorting the food which comes in, being drawn into other jobs as we get to know each other. A formal Salvation Army volunteer application needs to be completed.

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