The Foodbank in CoronaCrisis
plans and precautions

   updated 26th March
The Salvation Army hall has been rearranged to enable people to remain well separated, and to minimise possible cross-infection with staff.


Visitors must use the hand wash on entering the hall.
People coming for food should be alone; only one helper if necessary.
Donations should be left on the floor in the centre.
No visitor should use the back doors - these are for staff only.


The Community Larder will be open as usual for food emergencies.
(1.30-3.00pm on Mondays and Fridays)
Due to panic buying and supermarket problems we cannot get bread, are short of milk and other choices. What you get is what we got!!
We have reserves of basics, so we do not foresee running out altogether!!


Referrals should normally be by email to ""
    Phone may be busy and is not a good option
These should include feminine needs and/or nappy requests
Delivery requests for Monday should be sent before 12noon;
Delivery requests for Friday should be sent by Thursday evening
    (Requests missing these deadlines may be left until the next session)

Deliveries will be prepared by volunteers and put into the vehicle.
This enables delivery drivers to operate in isolation from the main teams.
Food will be left on the doorstep, and recipient alerted by mobile phone.
This enables the delivery driver to see the door opened from a safe distance without breaching isolation of the driver or the household.


Donations are very welcome, especially non perishable food
cash is great, but we cannot buy in any quantity at the moment!

Please deliver Monday or Fri, 10.30-12.30pm or Wed 2.00-4.00pm
Use the main entrance, NOT the back door, and leave donations in the centre of the hall to minimise interaction with volunteers.


Keeping volunteers safe is a vital consideration.
Any volunteer needing or choosing to "self isolate" should do that .....
we look forward to seeing them back when this crisis is over!!
(In fact we look forward to the end of the crisis anyway!!)

There will be essentially three groups of volunteers
A. dealing with clients who come in.

These will be experienced Larder volunteers. The hall will keep visitors well spaced out, the interview desk is two tables wide, clients will be left to bag food from the pre-packaged boxes. We will not get into substitutions and choices; what we offer is what is available!! (This is necessary to minimise people interaction between bagging staff, stockroom staff and the client)

B. dealing with donations and deliveries.
A small staff to date and sort supplies arriving and also to make up deliveries according to emails received ..... and keeping separated in their working places! These teams will include some experienced Larder volunteers to guide any newcomers. All these volunteers will leave before the client session(s) open, so that minimal interaction occurs will only be within the team.

C. Delivery drivers will come to the loading door, where bagged or boxed deliveries can be put into their vehicle. There may be some interaction between the driver and whomever is loading, unless the driver remains firmly behind the wheel and leaves it to the loader to load!! On reaching the delivery destination, the supplies will be left on the doorstep or nearby and the driver use a mobile phone to alert to household; this avoids any interaction between the driver and the isolated household. (Mobile phones can be set to prevent the number being disclosed o the recipient). Delivery drivers, like all our volunteers, will not receive any payment or mileage allowance.

Volunteers will separate into sparingly staffed shifts:
- Monday 10.30-12.45pm
dealing with donations and preparing deliveries
- Monday 1.15-3.00pm : skeleton staff dealing with clients
- Wednesday 2.00-4.00pm dealing with donations and preparing deliveries
- Friday 10.30-12.45pm : dealing with donations and preparing deliveries
- Friday 1.15-3.00pm : skeleton staff dealing with clients
- Delivery drivers needed 12.30 Monday, 4pm Wednesday and 12.30 Friday.

PLEASE arrange volunteering by email, do not just turn up!


As this crisis continues, probably the need for Foodbank services will escalate considerably. In that case, additional volunteers will be required to deal with donations and pre-package deliveries (B above) Additional delivery drivers will also be needed, for whom references will be required.

"TBA" may mean setting up additional team(s) at other times with the necessary delivery drivers to collect pre-packaged supplies and deliver.

Watch this space.......!!