The Foodbank in the Covid19 Crisis

We continue to provide food to anyone who needs it while keeping distanced!!
   updated 29th May 2020

Needing food?? send an email to
or phone 07749 322291
    The phone may be busy - email is best!!
Requests for or from people in "self-isolation" will be accepted. Please give details of name, address, contact phone and number of people.

During the Coronavirus crisis we will accept direct phone calls or emails from individuals, as well as the usual referral sources. GP practices and NHS support staff are also encouraged to flag people they believe to be short of food.
We need a delivery address and a contact phone number; email is best because that comes to several workers; the phone depends on availability to answer and accuracy of making notes!!

The Community Larder will open as usual for people in food emergency who do not have an address for delivery.
(1.30-3.00pm on Mondays and Fridays).
No additional people - except if really necessary, one helper per client. Please enter 1 person at a time; the hall is laid out to keep people well separated.

The hall is not open to visitors except Mondays and Fridays, 1.30-3.00pm. Open for donations only Mondays and Fridays 10.30-12.30
Anyone entering must use the hand wash on entering the hall.
Donations should be left on the floor in the centre.
The back doors should not be used - these are for staff only.

Food donations (non-perishable, tins or packets) are very welcome.
Please deliver Monday or Friday, 10.30-12.30,
There is a table in the centre of the hall
to minimise interactions.

If possible, please email or phone ahead so you are expected! The entrance may be locked to keep staff distanced while at work.

Deliveries to those in need are currently prepared Monday, Fridays and midweek.
Delivered food will be left on the recipient's doorstep - should be enough for a week.

The delivery will be put on the doorstep and the recipient will be alerted by mobile phone to preserve distancing and isolation.
Delivery times will depend on volunteer staffing, but typically in the afternoon.

Money donations are best by bank transfer (BACS); email as below for details.
Cash and cheques are also welcome click for "giving" details

We depend on volunteers, but have been delighted by more than 80 offers to help

Volunteers are separated into sparingly staffed shifts; the timing varies.

The hall has been reorganised so we can work with four or five volunteers at a time, well separated, to date and sort food coming in and prepare deliveries.

Delivery drivers are encouraged to keep outside, so their vehicle can be loaded with the minimum of interaction - and when delivering they will leave food on the doorstep and call the recipient using a mobile phone, thus avoiding any contact at all.

As the need increases, there will be more shifts

To add your offer to volunteer please email the "info" address below
or phone 07787 882075

  Donations, stocks and distancing! Donation from the Gig Club
Anna Wilson, from Exmouth Gig Rowing Club, delivering donations collected from the members.

Stockroom dated stores
A corner of the stockroom showing donations and bought food, dated to ensure everything is in good condition!

All well distanced!
.... all done with our volunteer staff very well distanced! Trays of many different items can be seen in the background.

Exmouth Larder email
Or for food emergency ..... Exmouth Larder Help email