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Exmouth Food Bank bulletin - January 2022

Dear Friends of the Exmouth FoodBank,

We would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year.

In 2021 we supplied a total of 2177 parcels of food feeding 4405 people. In addition, we also supplied 128 Christmas parcels which we hope brought a bit of extra Christmas cheer and help for folk during the festive season. Unfortunately we are again starting to see a rise in the number of people needing our help. Sadly the increase seen in the cost of food and utility bills is compounding the situation. All of this came to the attention of the ITV Westcountry news who came to film the Food Bank in action on the 14th December and many of you may have watched it. Although demand for our services has gone up, donations of food and money have too. We are continually amazed by your generosity and we just couldn't provide for our neighbours in our community without you. Thank you for your continuing support.

We are very grateful for the wonderful support of Open Door in Exmouth, who provided a special "Love Your Neighbour" gift voucher to go inside our Christmas parcels. This will enable folk to enjoy a hot meal and a warm welcome at their community cafe, which is valid until october 2022.

If you are able to donate we are short of the following: Tinned fish, tinned cold meat, instant potato, bottled squash, long life milk, tinned vegetables, instant coffee and toilet rolls. We would also be grateful for any cleaning products or nappies and we desperately need bags for life please.

We are still supporting along with other agencies the 12 Afghan refugee families who are temporarily staying in the area. We are able to supply them with baby products, nappies and toiletries. We have recently supplied them with the ingredients they needed for the families to have cooking lessons. This has meant not just learning how to cook, but also brought about a chance to make new friends and to become more familiar with our language and culture. They have really enjoyed and appreciated this.

Going forward we hope to collaborate and work with other agencies to help even more people in the area in need of food and support.

God Bless you.
Elizabeth Reed

Exmouth Food Bank, January 2022


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