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2022 Articles from the Exmouth Food Bank

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Exmouth Food Bank bulletin - January 2022

Dear Friends of the Exmouth FoodBank,

We would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year.

In 2021 we supplied a total of 2177 parcels of food feeding 4405 people. In addition, we also supplied 128 Christmas parcels which we hope brought a bit of extra Christmas cheer and help for folk during the festive season. Unfortunately we are again starting to see a rise in the number of people needing our help. Sadly the increase seen in the cost of food and utility bills is compounding the situation. All of this came to the attention of the ITV Westcountry news who came to film the Food Bank in action on the 14th December and many of you may have watched it. Although demand for our services has gone up, donations of food and money have too. We are continually amazed by your generosity and we just couldn't provide for our neighbours in our community without you. Thank you for your continuing support.

We are very grateful for the wonderful support of Open Door in Exmouth, who provided a special "Love Your Neighbour" gift voucher to go inside our Christmas parcels. This will enable folk to enjoy a hot meal and a warm welcome at their community cafe, which is valid until october 2022.

If you are able to donate we are short of the following: Tinned fish, tinned cold meat, instant potato, bottled squash, long life milk, tinned vegetables, instant coffee and toilet rolls. We would also be grateful for any cleaning products or nappies and we desperately need bags for life please.

We are still supporting along with other agencies the 12 Afghan refugee families who are temporarily staying in the area. We are able to supply them with baby products, nappies and toiletries. We have recently supplied them with the ingredients they needed for the families to have cooking lessons. This has meant not just learning how to cook, but also brought about a chance to make new friends and to become more familiar with our language and culture. They have really enjoyed and appreciated this.

Going forward we hope to collaborate and work with other agencies to help even more people in the area in need of food and support.

God Bless you.
Elizabeth Reed

Exmouth Food Bank, January 2022

Exmouth Food Bank bulletin - February 2022

Dear Friends of the Exmouth FoodBank,

We really value all of you who support us as a Food Bank, be it as an individual, a church, group or an organization. We believe that together we look after those who are experiencing hardships for whatever reason and welcome all who seek our help. We demonstrate integrity in all that we do and treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves. We also recognise that by working in partnership with local agencies and organizations we are better able to support those in food crisis. We work very closely with Citizens Advice, Open Door, The Children's Centre and EDDC. Signposting individuals to other agencies also ensures they get the help to address their underlying problems and enables them to move forward in their lives.

As we all know life doesn't always go to plan and over the last month we have seen an increased number of single people coming through our doors. Some have been homeless and sleeping on the beach and when asked why they didn't sleep somewhere safer, they said that they had been forced to move on. Others are living with disabilities, mental health issues, addictions or unable to pay bills through losing their jobs and some people are experiencing overwhelming feelings of not being able to cope. Sadly we see so many people coming to us through broken relationships with partners or the breakdown of the family unit. All of these situations mean that people need not only food but emotional support. We offer every individual empathy and compassion and we do our best to give people hope that things can change.

We really value your continued generosity and we would be very grateful if you are able to donate this month, as we are seeking to restock our stores with our core foods. These are: Long-life milk, tinned potatoes or instant packet mash, tinned meats, tinned soup or packets of soup, small jars of instant coffee, bottles of squash, toilet rolls, toiletries e.g. shampoo, shower gel conditioner and deodorant. We are also still short of bags for life which are used to package up the food parcels.

We would be delighted if you wanted to "Host a Food Bank Collection", a special event or fundraiser to support our good cause. Please contact us first by emailing info@exmouthfoodbank.org.uk or by phoning 07787 758511. We can then discuss the supplies we are currently short of and outline any help we may be able to provide.

God Bless you.
Elizabeth Reed

Exmouth Food Bank, February 2022

Exmouth Food Bank bulletin - March 2022

Dear Friends of the Exmouth FoodBank,

What a month February was with 247 parcels of food sent out and 452 mouths fed. Thank you for your continued support as we seek to provide for our neighbours. As we move closer to Easter, we take a moment to give thanks for all that we are blessed with. For many of us this is a time for Easter eggs and chocolate and we will hope to include these in our food parcels. The food bank team has been focusing on spreading the word and raising awareness, by giving talks to organisations, charities, schools and churches, as well as writing articles for the Exmouth Journal. This has seen an increase in new families reaching out to us for help and more agencies referring people to us.

We really value your continued generosity, but our food levels are dropping due to the increased demand. Therefore, if you are able to donate this month we would be very grateful. We are in need of bottled squash, tinned and packet potato, baked beans, tinned soup, tinned vegetables, jars of pasta or curry sauce, tinned rice pudding and tinned or packet custard. We also desperately need bags for life please.

We continue to work collaboratively with others and have been able to provide Open Door with some supplies for the Baby Bank that they run. Also helping Littleham Community Fridge to purchase a second hand fridge freezer. We also work alongside Seachange at Budleigh supplying ingredients each week for a cooking programme for Afghan Refugees, which is proving very popular.

As we are now in Lent, this may be a time when you think about your life and how you might want to give your time, food or money in some way to help others. I include a link at the bottom of this newsletter to our Just Giving page which is a quick and easy way to donate to the Food Bank.

The Food Bank team wishes you all a very Happy Easter and I cannot finish without thinking of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. I know you too will want to send your thoughts and prayers and stand in solidarity with them, to ask for peace and reconciliation.


God bless
Elizabeth Reed

Exmouth Food Bank bulletin - April 2022

Dear Friends of the Exmouth FoodBank,

As volunteers within the Exmouth Food Bank through these times of adversity, has shown all of us how amazing the whole Community of Exmouth and surrounding areas are. We are humbled by acts of kindness and the generosity of giving. Despite hardship for most people with rising utility bills, fuel prices and political unrest, you have all rallied to keep us going. If you are able to help this month we are in urgent need of bags for life! Packets of dried rice, tins & packets of soup, tins of tomatoes, beans, spaghetti, tins of fruit, rice pudding, custard, tinned meats, breakfast cereals,cartons of longlife milk, small jars of coffee & bottles of squash please.

In March we gave food parcels to 264 families and individuals and fed 492 people. This is almost a 10% rise in demand since last month. We are not surprised at this, as we all know that many people are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table. We are here to help and will continue to provide food, guidance and support. We will also signpost people to local agencies and Citizens Advice where appropriate.

The Main Collection Points In Exmouth Are:
- Co-op, 3 Magnolia Walk, Exmouth, EX8 1HB
- Rivermead Stores, 23-25 Rivermead Ave, Exmouth EX8 3BH
- Tesco, Salterton Road Exmouth EX8 2TS
- Tesco Express, 4-6 Rolle Street Exmouth EX8 1HE

Local Churches also organise collections for us. Please liaise with your local minister. We would be delighted if you wanted to arrange a special event or a fund-raiser to support our good cause.

Please make contact with us first by emailing: info@exmouthfoodbank.org.uk or by phoning
07787 758511. We can then discuss the supplies that we are currently short of and can outline any help that we may be able to provide, such as assisting with the collection of donations.

God bless
Elizabeth Reed

Exmouth Foodbank bulletin, May 2022

A huge thank you for all of your donations, which included many Easter eggs, these have brought many smiles to people's faces. We hope that you too enjoyed your Easter day.

During April we gave out 252 parcels which fed 586 people. Unfortunately we are seeing the numbers increase each month, with demand increasing by 19% from March to April. However we are not surprised at this, with all of us experiencing financial pressure with increased utility bills. This will not have helped many people/families going forward and we are here for just these times, to help carry the burden, to help our neighbours.

We want to ensure that those who need us know where to come and therefore it is good to raise awareness within our communities. Just recently we were featured on the front page of the Exmouth Journal and this newsletter goes out to Churches in Exmouth and the surrounding areas as well as to our wonderful supporters.

Going forward we are now able to provide cheese and spread in our food parcels as we have now purchased a fridge. This is a very welcome addition to our standard parcels along with bread, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, long- life milk and tinned foods.

If you are able to donate this month we are in urgent need of: teabags, tinned tomatoes and tinned fruit. In addition we would really appreciate donations of: baked beans, tinned soups, rice pudding & custard, tinned vegetables, pasta sauces and breakfast cereals. Also we are always in need of bags for life, enabling people to carry their food home.

We are always grateful to everyone who supports us in many ways, with their time, raising awareness, monetary donations, food donations and prayers. We would like to express special thanks this month to the Strand Pub, for their ongoing support to us, which to date is an astonishing 10,000 food items donated from their staff and customers......Thank you!

If you feel that you would like to know more about our work or are able to donate to help the people and families experiencing food poverty then please take a look at our website, and/or visit our just giving page ....


God bless
Elizabeth Reed

Exmouth Food Bank bulletin - June 2022
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This month
We hope that you all enjoyed a lovely Jubilee weekend. To celebrate and to make it a bit more special for our clients, we handed out Platinum Jubilee gift bags containing a cream tea with fresh scones, jam and spread plus some cake and a punnet of strawberries. These were very well received by all

Current volumes
We have just finalised our numbers for May and this month we supplied 226 parcels to feed 442 people. The number of people we are feeding fell slightly in May when compared to April although we saw a 10% increase in the number of single people seeking support. We are finding that single people often fall through the net when accessing social services and housing and many are at crisis point by the time they reach out to the Food Bank. We are fortunate that, due to our strong partnerships with agencies such as Citizens Advice and Open Door, we are able to signpost them to a way forward.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
We are trying to cut down on the number of bags we supply at the Food Bank and ask all of our clients to return and/or reuse them wherever possible. We are also trying out some eco-bags that are biodegradable to see if they would be a good alternative for us. If anyone has spare bags for life or carriers, we are always grateful to receive them during our hall opening hours.

We are starting to receive some Ukrainian families at the Food Bank and are helping them with food as they get settled in the UK. This is obviously a very stressful and unsettling time for them so we are doing all we can to help supply them with the food they need. Our help for the Afghan refugees is ongoing. Some have now moved out of the area to permanent homes while others, coordinated by Sea Change in Budleigh, are just being welcomed into the area.

Allotment produce
We are delighted to be supported again this year by the Woodbury allotment gardeners who have joined with members of Lympstone allotment to donate their extra produce to us to distribute. Our thanks go out to all of these generous, green-fingered friends, and we hope that 2022 is a great growing season for them

Exmouth Food Bank bulletin - July 2022
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This month
As it was Father's Day on Sunday June 22nd we provided some extra treats for all the men and dads to enjoy.
The men's gift bags were added into the usual food parcels and contained some snacks, soft drinks and toiletries.
These were very well received.

Current volumes
We have just finalised our numbers for June and this month we supplied 198 parcels to feed 483 people.
After a slight fall in numbers in May, demand has started to rise again particularly from families. In June there was a 20% increase in take up of our services when compared to May. Many of these families are new to us, have 3 or more children and, due to the cost of living, are struggling to make ends meet. We are of course here to help anyone struggling to buy food and will continue to support where we can through these difficult times.

Collaborative working with Citizens Advice
Exmouth Food Bank is now able to refer urgent cases directly to Citizens Advice via email. In addition, Citizens Advice have agreed to provide clients with access to telephone support from one of their Advisors during our Tuesday afternoon sessions and face to face access to an Advisor during our Friday afternoon sessions.
This will significantly enhance the level of information and support we can provide to our clients and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Citizens Advice.

The Budleigh Lions Club
We are very grateful to be supported by the generous members of the Budleigh Lions Club. Recently they collected food and supplies for the Food Bank on a bingo night followed by a further food collection from their members.
Once the food items had been delivered to the Food Bank, several of the members stayed for a cup of tea and a chat to find out more about our work. Our thanks go to all of the Lions Club members.

Working with East Devon District Council
EDDC has committed to ensure that families are getting referred to us very swiftly when they reach out to the Council to access emergency help. We are now receiving direct referrals from EDDC Support Officers in charge of areas such as the Council's Household Support Fund.
This is just the kind of joined up working that we have been striving to achieve.


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