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Larder report : January 2019

Christmas with all its affluent excesses is now behind us and we settle back to normal life. The Bible story tells how the baby Jesus was rushed to Egypt as a refugee from the murderous despotic king Herod - so much for mankind then and now!

While 2018 was a record year for people needing help at The Larder, 2014 was very similar - needs don't seem to change as much as one would expect. Thanks to your generosity in the run up to Christmas, we now have more reserves than ever before, so are well placed to support whatever is needed in 2019. Donations always drop off after the Harvest Festivals and Christmas, so please don't imagine the job is "done"!!

Whatever crisis people face, being hungry doesn't assist a response to the problem.
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But getting easy food hand-outs does not help people to face their problems. They may need expert help to challenge a ruling after Benefits are curtailed, or help confronting an addiction; there are as many reasons as we have clients!

Of course there are people we suspect of "taking advantage". We are conscious of our responsibility to donors who expect us to give food only to people who truly need it. The referring agencies help to establish the correct balance.

More worrying are people who do not come to us for whatever reason but who do have a real "food emergency".

No-one should be embarrassed at coming to ask for help; the time to feel embarrassed is failing to give something back when life returns to normal.

A happy New Year to all, with kindness and compassion throughout!


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