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Happy New Year - January 2018

"God will not ask us if we felt righteous indignation, but whether we did some good."   A quote from Pope Francis, preaching about the poor and homeless in November 2017.

So, THANKS to all who provide help in our community; agencies and support workers who have a sometimes thankless task to steer people in a better direction, our own volunteers in the Community Larder, the volunteers we never see who provide a regular supply chain from collection points to our door, and of course our many donors across all denominations, faiths and walks of life without whom we would be totally stuck!

December 2017 was a very busy month, but not quite a record. December is always the busiest month and 2014 was very slightly ahead of 2017. The website shows month by month statistics since we started, below is the graph of six month periods, showing the second half of 2015 with the record!

Monthly usage

So the rounded average of demand is currently fairly steady, despite comments on the news. Maybe we should brace ourselves for the next few years, but with your past and current generosity we have reserves - we continue....!

Larder update : February 2018

Our Volunteers keep us going - in effect the intermediaries between the generosity of the whole community and the needs of our disadvantaged neighbours.

Different skills and personalities are needed. Without flexibility and compassion we would not connect with our most vulnerable clients; without firm attitudes we would not help those who lack a sense of direction; without detailed organisation the many and varied donations would not combine into balanced packages for our clients

Our working has evolved over our first five years; volunteers have come and gone. Some with excellent organisational skills guided the set-up of our systems; others with previous "people" experience give insight into the real needs of clients; the stockroom continues as the "engine" of the ship producing balanced boxes of supplies on which our clients depend; delivery drivers deliver and the whole is joined together by a small army bringing and collecting food and dating tins!

THANKS to all the Larder volunteers, past and present!!

The monthly need has been very variable over the five years since we started, but the rounded average has not changed much, including a surge every December!

The graph on the website is in a new format, to make it easier to follow. Previous years average is shown in blue, last year in red and the current usage in black.

January was up from last year, but no more than the previous average, this month has started busy

The Christmas donor rush has slowed, but we have reserves in stock, and money to fill the gaps..
Monthly usage

These statistics are updated monthly and available from the website
THANKS as always to all our donors and supporters

Larder Lent report : March 2018

"Lent" derives from the old Anglo-Saxon word for spring; it is a good time to review and renew, just as buds and new life spring from the cold of winter.

The Exmouth Community Larder has now run for just over 5 years; which is also a good time to review how we work and set our direction for the future.

The original group from Christians Together that set the Community Larder in motion have met and agreed to remain under the umbrella of the Salvation Army - which is no surprise! The Larder Leadership Team, drawn from key working volunteers, will be augmented by some members of this group, so combining practical operation with an overall direction; internal workings with outside perception and experience.

A more orderly organisation is being put in place so that the Larder is not dependent on any one individual - formalising what has already evolved. We already have emails to our "help" address circulating to several of our key volunteers to avoid dependency on any one person.

By November, Anthony will have been Manager for six years which is long enough! So in the next months various tasks will be allocated ready to propose a clear job description before advertising for a new manager, whether from amongst our present volunteers or from outside.

Beyond the visible work on Monday and Friday afternoons, we have back-room tasks sorting and storing the reserve stock off site, purchasing to fill the gaps on shelves with cash so generously donated, writing a monthly update which is printed in many church magazines, maintaining the website and many other routine tasks.

MEANWHILE ..... the work continues .....

On "Frigid Friday", 2nd March, we did open as usual - three of us trudged through the snow to provide a skeleton service to the half dozen people who came in need - also trudging through the snow without cars or buses. The following Monday was very busy as we thought it would be. We didn't run out of bread or milk!!

February was another very busy month, exceeding the previous February average but the record is still held by 2016. We will see how March progresses.

There is a saying: "don't let the organisation get in the way of "the work".

We all firmly enjoy being part of a team in which everyone rallies round to provide to people in need, and in which everyone supports everyone else. The plan is that a more formal organisation should not reduce the sense of team spirit.

As ever - THANK YOU for all that you do - this report is just how we go about connecting the generosity of the community with the real needs that also exist.

Larder update : April 2018

With so much trouble in the news it is easy to feel indignant. But the real question is what will we do. The Exmouth Community Larder only helps a tiny fraction of world problems, but the problems are real, local and immediate - and we can do something. it is a great pride to report how positively the Exmouth area community rises to help.

Our clients and customers have a wide variety of needs and problems, but none of them are helped by going hungry! There are unexpected mishaps, and people also get into silly situations. It is easy to think it is their own fault - it may be, but there are children and other people caught up in the problem. A couple had been separated, but reconciled and came back together ..... all their benefits were stopped due to their change of circumstances.

Family breakdown is too common, but can result in one partner having all the money and the other partner all the children! There is often no real doubt about rights and entitlements, but legal and other persuasions take time - The Larder bridges the gap.

When invited to talk about what we do, audiences have been disappointed that I don't talk about actual cases - but the really interesting stories could too easily be identified. The saddest situations often involve violence and abuse - and of course confidentiality is especially key to those situations.

A lorry driver got into discussion with me some time ago, and pointed out he had a regular job and was well paid. After a long pause he added ".....but I was off work from a Rugby injury for 5 weeks, and it was getting very tight.....".   It is said that most people are only a few pay slips away from a problem, and this certainly seems to be the case. On the other side it is a pleasure to see old "clients" on their feet and coming in with donations to help others.

Loneliness is another issue - we are not really geared to help that, but tea and coffee are generally on the go and we usually have volunteers free to chat to people. Perhaps it is not loneliness, but a feeling of being lost and rejected when the food runs out - and feeling embarrassed to ask help from charity. No-one should ever feel awkward about needing help; no-one is immune from a disaster, whether accident, illness or a relationship breakdown. The time to feel embarrassed is when you are well on your feet and failing to contribute to other people's needs.

Thanks as ever to the whole community for enabling the help we give : I hope these comments give a snapshot of how needs arise. The overall observation is that demand on The Larder is generally about the same since 2014 as the statistics show, contrary to various news reporters angles and spin!!

Anthony Bernard, April 2018

Exmouth Community Larder update : May 2018

To Love one another is one of the great Christian commandments, and love has certainly figured in church Bible readings for the last few weeks.

All our human DNA has caring for others buried within it, as evidenced by the heroism of emergency services in a crisis and the regular and boring hours put in by support agencies trying to help and guide people out of troubles - and of course the Health Service treating people.

In the Community Larder we are geared to provide supplies to people in a food emergency - no money to buy food, no food in the cupboard. Some people seem to have chronic problems and we take care that their situation is evaluated by support workers to guide them out of their underlying crisis - and we expect them to come with a referral from whomever is helping them.

More worrying are those we don't see, who are struggling without support but perhaps pointed towards us by a church or health visitor. It is tempting to describe particular cases, but that would reveal recognisable detail.

Anyone can come into the Community Larder without a referral voucher for review by our welcome desk, and that is the main message of this update. Anyone in a food emergency will get provisions and probably signposting to support workers who can help. A major issue has become the filling of forms for the welfare system; skilled workers with problems can still be baffled by bureaucracy!!

Exmouth Larder Logo Demand has been a little higher than previous years, though 2014 still has the record for the first four months. Usage graphs can be seen full sized with the link on the home page.

Love for others is sometimes complicated. In English we have many words for rain, but only one for "love", whether we mean "tough love" or deep emotions.

The point is caring positively for other people, and we continue to be amazed and grateful for the donations and support of the community towards those less fortunate in our own midst.

Larder update : Summer June / July 2018

The world has become a difficult and dangerous place. East Devon seems relatively calm, but here too there are individuals and families facing problems. The 40,000 people in our area mostly live quite well but a few have serious difficulties - some even run out of food and find the Community Larder. A little while back Pope Francis addressed a gathering of those helping the homeless and dispossessed .....

"God will not ask if you expressed righteous indignation,
    God will ask what you did"

Most of us can't actually do much about problems in the wider world, but we can address the issues on our own doorsteps. So THANK YOU to those who work in the support services giving advice, counsel and help to people in trouble. Finding a safe place and a sympathetic ear can be vital to improving an apparently overwhelming situation. Having enough to eat helps too - so THANK YOU to those who contribute provisions or money to help "the Ministry of the Larder" - to help us to help others.

In nearly six years in The Community Larder we have seen all extremes of problems. We see people whose prolonged difficulties have made them brazen, assertively asking for help and describing their apparent situation clearly. We see others, shy and embarrassed at needing help, not knowing how to ask. A little exploration reveals that the actual needs are not so different, but situations and personalities vary. Some need help, some need HELP and others need....H E L P !! ......

Our volunteers are the backbone of what we do. Over 6 years The Larder has evolved into a Monday team and a Friday team. Both have a group of experienced volunteers who take turns staffing the welcome desk, most with relevant experience and training in their professional past. At the other end, the stockroom is preparing packages to go out. Some less defined roles can be even more important to our visitors, talking informally to them as they wait for attention. Meanwhile the basics of checking dates on donations and marking with bold felt pen continue - currently at a steady pace, but manic when Harvest Festival donations arrive - which we rely on.

So have a good summer. We continue working around the breaks we all take. Quite why demand fluctuates up and down we cannot understand, but the rounded average remains about the same since we got going. Meanwhile, a few volunteers leave and a few newcomers join the team - anyone thinking of joining us should simply come when we are open to see how it works.

Anyone just interested is welcome - Monday 2-3.30, Friday 1.30-3pm

And, of course, THANK YOU to all who contribute in making The Larder work.

Exmouth Community Larder : mid summer update 2018

12 Thai children and their coach trapped in a cave have grabbed our news recently. Jesus' Great Commandment to love your neighbour seems to have worked in the internationsl support to get them out, supported by the strength of prayers, albeit largely Buddhist. Any partisan Christians need to remember the text (Acts 10-45) in which they "" ....were all astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit should be poured out on the pagans too".
The Thai children's own perseverance may owe much to their coach, who led them in meditation.
We sometimes refer to a "darkest hour" ..... a week in pitch black ...... ?

The worldwide lesson seems to be that we are all in this life together.

The Larder continues as usual through the summer.
Holidays cause gaps in staffing and client numbers show big weekly variations, but the rounded average is similar to previous years as the graph shows.

Thank you for keeping the donations coming!!

This is just a brief bulletin to keep continuity while many people are away.

Exmouth Community Larder July 2018


After July 2018, please note the graph will update to the latest edition

Exmouth Community Larder : August 2018

Reserve food stocks are now low - in fact no reserves except for beans and soup!

Harvest Festivals are eagerly awaited; these usually give us good reserves together with extra donations over Christmas.

Meanwhile, THANK YOU for those who have donated cash which enables us to fill the gaps of other items on our shelves and keep us in a good state to provide the necessary support in the neighbourhood throughout the year.

Volunteer levels through the summer holidays have varied, but we have always managed to serve our clients right! Demand in July was a record high, whereas last year July and August were low!! We still don't know why numbers fluctuate so.

New volunteers are always welcome in the autumn when there is much to do with the Harvest donations coming in. This is a good time for anyone interested in joining us to help through the busy period and then stay on more regularly if The Larder is work they would like to support. Just come along when we are open or email in advance. We open Mondays 2-3.30 pm and Fridays 1.30-3 pm in the Salvation Army hall beside the Exmouth Museum in Sheppards Row ( EX8 1PW )

Support for people in difficulties continues to need "foodbanks", despite various political promises. Increased funding for Mental Health and reducing alcohol and drug abuse are very welcome steps, but there still people who have lost their way in our abundant and affluent society. The population in our area is about 40,000; a small proportion have problems, a few even run out of food - and it is those whom we meet and serve. No welfare system run by sensible and organised people could imagine the scrapes people can get themselves into, and need a hand up!!

Food is our main focus, but we should not undervalue the importance of treating people in a positive and constructive way at the same time. This does not mean giving food willy-nilly - we are here to give a "hand up" not a free "hand out". We believe that is the intention of our many and generous donors. It is rare for us to decline food, but it does happen. On the other hand, we do not place any limit on the number of times someone may come who has a genuine ongoing need, despite taking all the right steps to get their Benefits and other support sorted out.

So, if you would like to join us as a volunteer, come along.

To all our donors, we hope this gives a snapshot of how you would like to see your generosity dispensed - and you are very welcome to visit when we are open

Exmouth Community Larder : September 2018

Thank you for the extra deliveries following the August report and the article in the Exmouth Journal; these help considerably.

With Harvest Festivals coming we will soon need extra volunteers to date and sort donations. This makes an excellent opportunity for people who have thought about volunteering but have been unsure how to proceed. The usual Harvest Festival surge in donations makes for plenty of work, during which individuals can consider whether or not they wish to continue longer term.

Our core volunteers continue, which gives a good base to welcome newcomers, but time passes so long term members of the team drop out making new faces welcome.

Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds - we once checked 13 different churches represented as well as a number of people from no church at all - helping others is a key element in humanity as well as a major instruction in the Bible. It is valuable that we include past experience of Care in the Community within the team, as well as those who come for companionship among an interesting group while also doing good to others.

The best way to join is to come when we are open, 1.30-3pm on Mondays and Fridays or email to info@exmouthlarder.co.uk. We are located in the Salvation Army hall, Sheppards Row, EX8 1PW (off the Exeter Rd, opposite Glenorchy).

We now have a "Larder Leadership Team" taking over the management, including our Monday leader, Friday leader and other key volunteers. Rev Simon Atkinson has joined the Leadership Team, giving us a member from outside the day to day volunteers. The world turns; it was Simon as chair of CTE that started The Larder in 2012 and got Anthony to be manager. Anthony was heard to say "payback time!".

The need continues as ever. July was a record month, but August was below the previous average; the overall demand has not changed much over the last few years. With the influx of donations after our last bulletin and the Exmouth Journal front page report we are running smoothly. If we have the usual bumper input during Harvest Festival we will be well set to face what the future may bring.

Those who believe the scary reports, whether Brexit or non Brexit, will be pleased to know that we should to be well braced for increased demand and falling donations in the spring. We are in the hands of The Lord, but we also know that The Lord relies on us to be his arms and legs on the ground and expects us to plan accordingly.

Larder update : October 2018

THANK YOU for the amazing generosity of the whole community to support disadvantaged people who need the foodbank.

We now certainly have reserves - in fact we are still sorting all the donations and the shelves are getting full!!

With all the uncertainty in the news, having reserves is important; Universal Credit problems will affect our clients, Brexit may well affect us all, at least for an interim period.

We have also been thrilled to have many new volunteers, arriving at a time when we are stretched sorting all the donations. We hope the apparent chaos will not put them off, but rather impress them how much they are needed!!

Meanwhile, we have been maintaining the routine provision to clients, who come as always ......

Demand continues to be steady, maybe 2018 will be a little bit up on the previous average, but nothing dramatic.

But being out of food IS dramatic to each individual and their family in need - it is easy to be calm about statistics while forgetting really worrying problems. We do what we can with food, and are grateful to all the agencies who give much needed support to those that need it.

Exmouth Community Larder : November 2018

Six years ago the Exmouth Community Larder was started. The Salvation Army making their hall available and donations from the Littleham Harvest Festival got it going. About 50 people came to an initial meeting; some who volunteered then are still with us!

The way the team has evolved has been both exciting and satisfying, slowly settling into a routine way of working. Newcomers may comment on some things we do rather well - behind those is often a previous disaster from which we learnt!

Six years ago I offered to take on the role of "manager", which I was assured would need maybe half a day a week, perhaps two half days. Hey-Ho. After six years it is time for the team to move on, so I am resigning the role of "manager", and will limit anything I am asked to do to two half days maximum!

We started as part of Christians Together in Exmouth. and it has been increasingly clear that The Lord is a key part of the team. My qualifications are in Maths and Physics, not Theology, but the number of instances in which we have "got lucky" far exceeds the statistics of good luck, convincing me that The Lord does watch what is going on. I believe all prayers are answered, but maybe 95% of the answers are "you were given, arms, legs and brain - get on and sort it". On the other hand, some things we should have prayed about just worked out well even though we didn't see the problem coming!

The main Blessing that we have is a group of volunteers, some church based, many not, who have made The Larder what it is, so that the role of manager is not really needed, except maybe to carry the can or toss a coin in difficult situations.

Rev Simon Atkinson, of Brixington Community Church, has joined the Larder Leadership Team and taken the role of chairman. Simon was chair of CTE when The Larder started, so it runs full circle.

Working with the team has been an immensely satisfying period of my life, and as I enter my 80th year I look forward to playing a continued part while watching others running things, maybe differently. For instance, we maintain a website, whereas other foodbanks use Facebook. Maybe the Benefit system will change and agencies will change but people in need are still people in need. Without getting religious, the Bible gives us stories of 2,000 years ago which resonate today.

And meanwhile The Larder still needs someone to write the monthly bulletins, so I may continue to be around for a bit!!.

Anthony Bernard
Exmouth Community Larder, November 2018

Larder report : Christmas / December 2018

Christmas is upon us; expensive advertising, brilliant decorations and jollity all round......for those who can participate and afford it!!

The Nativity story tells how the first news of Jesus' birth was given to the shepherds on the hillside - actually rough sleepers at the bottom of the food chain, outcasts from the main social and religious order of the time. The next to have privileged news were three wealthy astrologers from far away - or so the Bible story tells us. So much for the religious leaders and self important politicians of that time!!

Nowadays there are people struggling to navigate through society all 52 weeks of the year; 2018 is poised to be the busiest year for The Larder until now, though 2014 will come a close second. Recently announced support for Mental Health services will help, but it still takes time for trained people to be making a difference.

Christmas is a difficult time for many people; some of whom we see in a food crisis, others find Christmas very stressful but do not need food help. Too many people feel themselves alone, maybe even within a jolly crowd, and this is a time of stress. Bereavements and estrangements come to mind, but there are more causes than quick words to describe them. What we can all do is to offer a smile in the street or friendly support in the scrum at check-out, "to treat people as people" as a friend used to say. Even a friendly word to the person on the till can bring a surprise.

The Exmouth Community Larder will be open as usual on Mondays and Fridays through the Christmas and New Year period.

THANK YOU to the greater Exmouth community for your continued support which provides supplies to give to people in need. Also THANK YOU to our volunteers, who work for nothing whatever - except to answer the call to help our neighbours. All money given to The Larder goes towards provisions, with the sole exception of a contribution to the Salvation Army for the use of their facilities.

The Open Door Centre has a lunch on Christmas Day, open to all who have booked in advance. Lunch starts at 11.45, preceded by a short service at 11.30. Anyone wanting to participate should book up with the Open Door Centre, by visiting or calling 01395 224218. The Open Door Centre is normally open 10.00am-3.00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but will be closed on Friday 21st December, not reopening until Friday 4th January.

So when the fairy is put on the top of the Christmas tree, let us all remember she represents the angel who brought the news of Jesus' birth to the roughs and scruffs of Bethlehem who could find no work except minding the sheep at night.

We wish all our supporters a HAPPY and a CARING CHRISTMAS

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