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2018 reports from Exmouth Community Larder

Happy New Year - January 2018

"God will not ask us if we felt righteous indignation, but whether we did some good."   A quote from Pope Francis, preaching about the poor and homeless in November 2017.

So, THANKS to all who provide help in our community; agencies and support workers who have a sometimes thankless task to steer people in a better direction, our own volunteers in the Community Larder, the volunteers we never see who provide a regular supply chain from collection points to our door, and of course our many donors across all denominations, faiths and walks of life without whom we would be totally stuck!

December 2017 was a very busy month, but not quite a record. December is always the busiest month and 2014 was very slightly ahead of 2017. The website shows month by month statistics since we started, below is the graph of six month periods, showing the second half of 2015 with the record!

Monthly usage

So the rounded average of demand is currently fairly steady, despite comments on the news. Maybe we should brace ourselves for the next few years, but with your past and current generosity we have reserves - we continue....!

Larder update : February 2018

Our Volunteers keep us going - in effect the intermediaries between the generosity of the whole community and the needs of our disadvantaged neighbours.

Different skills and personalities are needed. Without flexibility and compassion we would not connect with our most vulnerable clients; without firm attitudes we would not help those who lack a sense of direction; without detailed organisation the many and varied donations would not combine into balanced packages for our clients

Our working has evolved over our first five years; volunteers have come and gone. Some with excellent organisational skills guided the set-up of our systems; others with previous "people" experience give insight into the real needs of clients; the stockroom continues as the "engine" of the ship producing balanced boxes of supplies on which our clients depend; delivery drivers deliver and the whole is joined together by a small army bringing and collecting food and dating tins!

THANKS to all the Larder volunteers, past and present!!

The monthly need has been very variable over the five years since we started, but the rounded average has not changed much, including a surge every December!

The graph on the website is in a new format, to make it easier to follow. Previous years average is shown in blue, last year in red and the current usage in black.

January was up from last year, but no more than the previous average, this month has started busy

The Christmas donor rush has slowed, but we have reserves in stock, and money to fill the gaps..
Monthly usage

These statistics are updated monthly and available from the website
THANKS as always to all our donors and supporters

Larder Lent report : March 2018

"Lent" derives from the old Anglo-Saxon word for spring; it is a good time to review and renew, just as buds and new life spring from the cold of winter.

The Exmouth Community Larder has now run for just over 5 years; which is also a good time to review how we work and set our direction for the future.

The original group from Christians Together that set the Community Larder in motion have met and agreed to remain under the umbrella of the Salvation Army - which is no surprise! The Larder Leadership Team, drawn from key working volunteers, will be augmented by some members of this group, so combining practical operation with an overall direction; internal workings with outside perception and experience.

A more orderly organisation is being put in place so that the Larder is not dependent on any one individual - formalising what has already evolved. We already have emails to our "help" address circulating to several of our key volunteers to avoid dependency on any one person.

By November, Anthony will have been Manager for six years which is long enough! So in the next months various tasks will be allocated ready to propose a clear job description before advertising for a new manager, whether from amongst our present volunteers or from outside.

Beyond the visible work on Monday and Friday afternoons, we have back-room tasks sorting and storing the reserve stock off site, purchasing to fill the gaps on shelves with cash so generously donated, writing a monthly update which is printed in many church magazines, maintaining the website and many other routine tasks.

MEANWHILE ..... the work continues .....

On "Frigid Friday", 2nd March, we did open as usual - three of us trudged through the snow to provide a skeleton service to the half dozen people who came in need - also trudging through the snow without cars or buses. The following Monday was very busy as we thought it would be. We didn't run out of bread or milk!!

February was another very busy month, exceeding the previous February average but the record is still held by 2016. We will see how March progresses.

There is a saying: "don't let the organisation get in the way of "the work".

We all firmly enjoy being part of a team in which everyone rallies round to provide to people in need, and in which everyone supports everyone else. The plan is that a more formal organisation should not reduce the sense of team spirit.

As ever - THANK YOU for all that you do - this report is just how we go about connecting the generosity of the community with the real needs that also exist.

Larder update : April 2018

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Larder update : May 2018

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Larder update : June 2018

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Larder update : July 2018

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Larder update : August 2018

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Larder update : September 2018

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Larder update : October 2018

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Larder update : November 2018

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Larder update : December 2018

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