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Community Larder report : January 2020

2019 was a record year. 28% more parcels were given out; 41% more people needed to be fed, an increase in the proportion of families and dependents over the previous average - after the rounded average of previous years had been about the same!!

So THANK YOU once again to the greater Exmouth community for increased donations which have enabled us to continue and maintain reserves. Churches and non-church alike, Lympstone, Woodbury, both Budleighs and Otterton as well as Exmouth itself, thanks to all of you the Community Larder faces 2020 in good shape.

The Salvation Army finally gave us more space in the summer; with the surge in donations we could not have managed without it this autumn and Christmas, and also thanks to the volunteer team keeping abreast of events, and also welcome to the new members!!

The reason for the increased need is unclear; it is easy to blame "Universal Credit" which has become a quick answer to cover all sorts of problems. The delay in Universal Credit really is a serious problem, but there are also troubles caused by drink, drugs, gambling, bad budgeting, mental health and abusive relationships!

The Larder gives a "hand up" not a "hand-out", so we try hard to verify that people coming to us are receiving support and taking steps to get out of the hole they are in. In 2020 we will strengthen our connection with the agencies which do provide support, and lobby our new MP about Mental Health, gambling and the problems in U/C.

Once again, THANK YOU for supporting The Larder - we are just getting YOUR generosity out to the folk who really need it !

Exmouth Community Larder, January 2020

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