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Larder report : July 2020 - looking ahead

In April, May and June demand on the Exmouth Community Larder has been 2.8 times the previous year. Supplies valued at 21,000 were delivered, based on costing the packages we give out at the best prices we could buy. The graph shows this huge increase.

Donations of food have provided 80% of that need; cash donations have more than made up the difference, adding to our reserves. Because of this we have not applied for any special grants.

Our greatly expanded volunteer staff are paid nothing, but with the many shifts they could cost up to 15,000 over the 3 months if paid at minimum rates - so the credit should go to our volunteers as well as to our donors!

Looking ahead, the end of "Shielding", the phased end of "Furloughing" and likely growth in "Universal Credit" can create a frightening increase in the scale of the problem.
graph of usage, up to July 2020

Universal Credit usually leaves claimants with five weeks of nothing, followed by an income far below previous expectations without relieving the monthly expense of long term contracts and debts.

The Larder currently has many small shifts to spread the load and keep workers well distanced; there are lots of people who offered to volunteer but have not yet been called into active service. So the expectation is that more people, more shifts and maybe more people working per shift as the 2m distance rule is relaxed, will enable The Larder to rise even to a massive challenge. However, this does depend on food and cash donations coming in at their present level or increasing!

We rely absolutely on the support of the whole community of Exmouth and surrounds ......... Exmouth, Lympstone, Exton, both Woodburys, both Budleighs and Otterton and places in between, from where donations come and where we currently deliver. We even have some donations from ex-Exmouthians, now moved away!

If that support slows down or dries up, we would need substantial help - the total need is now valued at more than 7,000 per month, as outlined above, and will very likely increase. So we are MOST GRATEFUL TO THE WHOLE COMMUNITY!!!!

T H A N K Y O U !!!!

Exmouth Community Larder, 15th July 2020

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