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Community Larder update : mid May 2019

The Exmouth Community Larder had 407 client visits in January to April this year, feeding 937 people including family members. February and March had record demand, but April was more "normal". See below to access the current reports on our website. Since we opened 6 years ago we have given out 5,400 parcels - comprising about 75,600 tins plus bread, biscuits, milk and cereals - and we have reserves in stock!

So THANK YOU GREATER EXMOUTH for your generosity to disadvantaged people.

This has been achieved by about 30 volunteers - though not all at once! None has had any payment, not even expenses, so all money donated to The Larder has gone towards provisions for people who need help.

Larder Policy is a "Hand-up not a Hand-out". We help people in a "Food Emergency" with provisions, but expect them to get help with the "Underlying Crisis" that brought them down. Usually clients are referred by an agency that can help them, but if not we signpost them to an agency with professional and trained support staff such as the CAB or Open Door Centre.

People needing food support can come without any referral or voucher. In that case we review their problem and signpost them to a suitable agency, with the condition that any further help needs to be supported by a referral from that agency.

Our policy is to ensure that clients needing help are engaging with the necessary support.

Referrals from GP's, schools, nurses and other professionals are obviously valid, but we also know that they do not all have the time or training to help with Benefit claims, budgeting, debt management advice or other specialist needs, so clients are signposted to the CAB or others who can help with these broader issues.

Sometimes the second most important need is simply to be treated as a person who matters. It is easy to lose self respect when things go so badly wrong as to need charity to get food; but no-one thinks clearly when hungry, so food is still the number one priority. But we do try to give a sense of belonging as well as food - we all need help of one sort or another at some point in our lives. The key is to put something back when we can.... So THANK YOU once again for all those who donate!

Exmouth Community Larder, mid April 2019

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