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Community Larder report : mid February 2020

With increased demand, the foodbank objective remains to provide supplies to people in a genuine "food emergency", but also to ensure active support to recover from their "underlying crisis". We are therefore re-affirming the policy we set back in 2012 - that we should give "a Hand-up, not a Hand-out".

Referrals from statutory bodies, such as EDDC, Devon CC and the NHS imply that the situation is known and monitored. Also, Citizen's Advice, the Open Door Centre and Action for Children (the old Children's Centre) are active in providing advice and support to people in trouble.

As always, anyone is welcome to come to the Foodbank after encouragement from schools, churches, GP practices and others, or just to walk in, and we will help them with their food emergency. However, further visits will need a referral from an agency evidencing that they are engaging with support to overcome their problem.

THANK YOU for the continuing generous level of donations from the community; we continue to be well supplied! However, we are aware of the responsibility to our donors to use this to give needy people a "hand-up", not just an easy "hand-out!!

Our policy has not changed, contrary to some rumours that have been circulating. The report from our first open meeting in November 2012 (available on our website) stated: "We realise that a short term Food Emergency is generally the result of a deeper underlying crisis, so a support agency needs to address that crisis while we in the Exmouth Larder support the immediate food emergency."

In January, demand continues to be strong with 143 parcels given out to feed 264 people, somewhat up on January 2019 which was itself a record year. February so far has continued to be busy. So THANKS to all our hard working and reliable volunteers, committed to make this work and to help others in the community. It is good to report a wide diversity of churches and non church beliefs; a really good mix from all parts of the community, some of whom have experienced problems themselves.

Our relationship with the Salvation Army is being worked out and seems headed to a long term relationship within which the Exmouth Community Larder retains its identity, while retaining the use of the S.A. building and facilities which have been so helpful in our development and for which we continue to be grateful.

There is also a plan to change the name to "Exmouth Foodbank" which describes what we do better than "Exmouth Community Larder", and also to update our logo.
More on that as it happens; we are open to comments!!

Exmouth Community Larder, February 2020

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