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Community Larder update : August - summer 2019

Client demand has been busy, as it was last year in July. Friday 16th August was a record - maybe demand is growing, as it did for three months in the spring.

We now have an extra room in the Salvation Army hall which gives much more space for sorting donations - especially with the Harvest Festival surge which we hope for in the next month.

For Harvest Festival gifts, we already have lots of soup, beans and tuna, but are always running short of jam, pasta sauces, basic tinned vegetables (peas, carrots and sweetcorn) and of rice pudding, custard and tinned fruit. However, those of you who donate cash enable us to fill those gaps with economic purchasing. The new sorting room enables us to buy and store larger quantities.

The Community continues to support us amazingly. The cast of "Broadway Babes 2" at the Blackmore Theatre are giving their time, energy and creativity totally free, together with their staff and the theatre itself - all proceeds come to the Exmouth Community Larder; SpecSavers had a donation point during July and early August; the Farm Shop continues to give us a fresh fruit and produce every Friday.

The main donors continue to be the very many people donating through churches throughout the area from Lympstone, Woodbury, both Budleighs and out to Otterton as well as collection points in Tesco, the Magnolia Co-op and elsewhere.

Also THANKS to many donors and donation activities not mentioned - let us know!!

Brexit turmoil will be sure to bring shortages, probably due to panic buying triggered by news alarms! The new sorting room enables us to keep a larger broad based stock, so we expect to keep supplying people in need, whatever the whether.....!

Meanwhile, Faye Brophy, our new Salvation Army leader, is starting a "back to school" supplies drive. For more information Click here
(where Faye's email and phone number are given). As at the start of The Larder, progress will depend on the ideas and energy of people - the problems of needy families do go beyond the food which The Community Larder is set up to provide.

With your continued help and support, The Larder is well placed to face a turbulent autumn and winter - and happy to continue as calmly as we can!!

MANY THANKS to all our donors, wellwishers and volunteers as always!

Exmouth Community Larder, mid August 2019

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