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Community Larder report : Coronavirus update March 2020

With Coronavirus shortly upon us, the Community Larder plans to continue as close to normal as possible. We do have enough reserves, including the pasta and tins highlighted in "panic buying" reports - but please keep donations coming!! We may have to reduce to basics, but there are people in the world much worse off!

We remind churches and GP practices that they can refer people by email to "help@exmouthlarder.co.uk" using "self-isolation" as the reason for the referral. Those who can afford it will most likely become generous donors in due course!! (www.exmouthlarder.co.uk home page has referral details)

Otherwise, we will respond to referrals as usual and maintain deliveries where badly needed as and when we can. This will include people who have "self-isolated".

Since we operate on Mondays and Fridays, we will keep these two teams separated so that an instance of a team being asked to "self-isolate" for 7/10 days will not close us down - though we may only have a skeleton staff for a week or two.

More worrying would be a government demand that everyone over 70 stay at home. This would hit us hard as we have a high proportion of volunteers who are fit enough, but over 70, including our delivery drivers.

If shops and gathering points are to be closed we would categorise The Larder as a food provider. We might have to alter our times to avoid too many people at once - but making everyone cluster into a queue outside would not seem to help much.

Our Christian friends tell us that The Lord has a plan, but it would be nice if a prophet could fill in some of the detail ........ or maybe it is up to us to work it out!

The Larder will press on as positively as we can, with our strong experience of support from the whole community - meaning the WHOLE community, Churches, non-church people, social organisations, and businesses including at least one Asian restaurant run by Moslems. We are all people; we are all in this together!

As we worry about ourselves, let's also remember there are many people in serious trouble due to ill health, nothing to do with this virus; also there are those who are prone to severe anxiety - these are indeed anxious times.

My father told the story of someone in an urgent situation who was told "you don't worry enough", to which he replied "you worry, and see if it gets done any quicker".

Exmouth Community Larder, 15th March 2020

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