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Larder report : March 2019

Demand has increased substantially. November, December and January are always busy, but this year February has continued with a very high level of need.

Most noticably the number of people served has jumped, because of more large families in need.

A increased proportion of clients are suffering problems with Benefits, either payment delays, not receiving as much as expected or finding that the Benefit has been swallowed by repaying a loan.

Our task is to provide basic food when it is really needed, leaving the referring agencies, CAB, EDDC, Open Door and others to help sort out the benefit problems.

As usual, we also have people with surprise troubles; partners who take the money but leave the children and many other variations!

No-one is going to handle things positively when hungry or with unfed children, so The Larder leaves the issues to the referring agencies and simply supplies provisions - and also tea, coffee and a safe place to discuss the way forward.

Meanwhile, our donors continue to provide as generously as ever - but the need may become more acute.

On details, we have plenty of beans, soup, pasta and tuna.....
.....but tinned meats, tinned vegetables (peas, carrots and sweetcorn), tinned fruit, rice pudding and custard are especially welcome.

There are collection points in many churches, in the Magnolia Centre Co-op, Tesco and elsewhere.

THANKS to you all - as always!

Exmouth Community Larder, February 2019

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