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Community Larder update : September 2019

The Exmouth Community Larder has about 30% increased need, whereas the previous average demand had been steady for 5 years. The Larder continues in the same way; referring agencies are mostly the same; volunteers are mostly the same - there is no clear reason, though delay around the new "Universal Credit" is a partial reason.

The W.I. has published a report from the major Food Bank group which highlights the problems of the Welfare System and low wages in many places. These are valid points, but to imagine that the need for Food Banks is just a political issue is wrong.

Many people have difficulties and become disorganised. There are instances of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) not only from military backgrounds. Lots of us do have serious stress at some time due to bereavement, relationship breakdown and other horrid experiences. Support agencies are there to help, but being hungry does not help the making of good decisions, whatever the underlying problem!.

Other political issues include the need for a major expansion in Mental Health support; people lacking budgeting or basic cooking skills from their school curriculum; excessive borrowing, encouraged by all governments to boost the economy, which puts everyone nearer to a crisis; unethical interest rates and advertising by "pay-day" lenders; much higher gas and electricity charges for people on low incomes who are forced on to "pay-as-you-go" tariffs.

So there's plenty of politics for people bored with Brexit to get their teeth into!!

On the positive side THANK YOU to the whole community of the Exmouth area whose donations it is The Larder's job and privilege to pass along. As well as Exmouth, donations come from Exton, Lympstone, Woodbury, both Budleighs, and Otterton and everywhere inside that circle.
The picture shows Rachel and Laura giving a cheque for 1077 to Noel and Ian following the success of Broadway Babes 2 at the Blackmore Theatre.

Other collections have included SpecSavers and the Taj Mahal restaurant in Budleigh.

Gift from Broadway Babes

This all makes an excellent start to the Harvest Festival season which we rely on. We already do have lots of soup, baked beans, tuna and pasta, but are always short of other basics. Cash donations enable us to fill the gaps with economic purchasing.

With your help and support ..... we continue!!

Exmouth Community Larder, mid August 2019

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