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Exmouth Community Larder : September 2018

Thank you for the extra deliveries following the August report and the article in the Exmouth Journal; these help considerably.

With Harvest Festivals coming we will soon need extra volunteers to date and sort donations. This makes an excellent opportunity for people who have thought about volunteering but have been unsure how to proceed. The usual Harvest Festival surge in donations makes for plenty of work, during which individuals can consider whether or not they wish to continue longer term.

Our core volunteers continue, which gives a good base to welcome newcomers, but time passes so long term members of the team drop out making new faces welcome.

Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds - we once checked 13 different churches represented as well as a number of people from no church at all - helping others is a key element in humanity as well as a major instruction in the Bible. It is valuable that we include past experience of Care in the Community within the team, as well as those who come for companionship among an interesting group while also doing good to others.

The best way to join is to come when we are open, 1.30-3pm on Mondays and Fridays or email to info@exmouthlarder.co.uk. We are located in the Salvation Army hall, Sheppards Row, EX8 1PW (off the Exeter Rd, opposite Glenorchy).

We now have a "Larder Leadership Team" taking over the management, including our Monday leader, Friday leader and other key volunteers. Rev Simon Atkinson has joined the Leadership Team, giving us a member from outside the day to day volunteers. The world turns; it was Simon as chair of CTE that started The Larder in 2012 and got Anthony to be manager. Anthony was heard to say "payback time!".

The need continues as ever. July was a record month, but August was below the previous average; the overall demand has not changed much over the last few years. With the influx of donations after our last bulletin and the Exmouth Journal front page report we are running smoothly. If we have the usual bumper input during Harvest Festival we will be well set to face what the future may bring.

Those who believe the scary reports, whether Brexit or non Brexit, will be pleased to know that we should to be well braced for increased demand and falling donations in the spring. We are in the hands of The Lord, but we also know that The Lord relies on us to be his arms and legs on the ground and expects us to plan accordingly.

Exmouth Community Larder
September 2018

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