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Exmouth Community Larder update : May 2018

To Love one another is one of the great Christian commandments, and love has certainly figured in church Bible readings for the last few weeks.

All our human DNA has caring for others buried within it, as evidenced by the heroism of emergency services in a crisis and the regular and boring hours put in by support agencies trying to help and guide people out of troubles - and of course the Health Service treating people.

In the Community Larder we are geared to provide supplies to people in a food emergency - no money to buy food, no food in the cupboard. Some people seem to have chronic problems and we take care that their situation is evaluated by support workers to guide them out of their underlying crisis - and we expect them to come with a referral from whomever is helping them.

More worrying are those we don't see, who are struggling without support but perhaps pointed towards us by a church or health visitor. It is tempting to describe particular cases, but that would reveal recognisable detail.

Anyone can come into the Community Larder without a referral voucher for review by our welcome desk, and that is the main message of this update. Anyone in a food emergency will get provisions and probably signposting to support workers who can help. A major issue has become the filling of forms for the welfare system; skilled workers with problems can still be baffled by bureaucracy!!

Exmouth Larder Logo Demand has been a little higher than previous years, though 2014 still has the record for the first four months. Usage graphs can be seen full sized with the link on the home page.

Love for others is sometimes complicated. In English we have many words for rain, but only one for "love", whether we mean "tough love" or deep emotions.

The point is caring positively for other people, and we continue to be amazed and grateful for the donations and support of the community towards those less fortunate in our own midst.

Exmouth Community Larder, May 2018

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