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Exmouth Community Larder bulletin - March 2021

The change from "Exmouth Larder" to "Exmouth Food Bank" is a reminder of how it all started. After appointing Anthony manager, the meeting in November 2012 went on to consider how many months would be needed to establish a legal "CIO".

Supplies from Holy Trinity and Littleham Harvest Festivals were already in the Salvation Army hall; Anthony and Major Steve Watson of the S.A. later met in the corridor with the question: "If I had volunteered for you, we could be in business right now!" Major Steve replied "and the people who thought they would be Trustees can be the Advisory Group."

So the Larder took its first breath! About 50 would-be volunteers came to a meeting and a show of hands preferred Friday afternoons. The "presentation" stated giving food for just three days, so a second show of hands chose Monday as the second day for opening.

The meeting divided into three groups - those to work with clients, those wanting to work in the stockroom and others delivering. Chris Barker-Bey said afterwards "the meeting was not organised"!!
Marie and Millie in the early stockroom

But it was .... Chris had led those dealing with clients, Tim had taken his group to the stockroom and the delivery group did not have a lot to discuss.
So from the start there was enthusiasm and team-work backed by initiative and common sense, but not a lot of "organisation"!! After a visit to Manchester, Marie came back with the idea of dating tins. What soon became "normal" had very basic beginnings!!

Chris, Brenda and ?? Sadly, Chris died last year, having moved to Leeds some time before. The Larder also lost Brenda Chanter who did the artwork for the "Thank You" cards and Millie Newman who was a steadfast in the stockroom.

In eight formative years the Food Bank owes a lot to so many people who helped to define and hone its working practices, and continues to provide much needed support today under its new name of Exmouth Food Bank, with a new team who rose to the challenge in the first lockdown.

Right now, we are all in need - not only those in a food emergency! In the Christian calendar we are in Lent; the watchword this Lent from Pope Francis is "HOPE". For Christians this hope comes with the resurrection of Christ at Easter; for the rest of us it comes as light at the end of the tunnel when we start to overcome the virus - and that is for Christians too; we are all in this together!

The film "Chocolat" comes to mind - set in a rural village in France during Lent, in which the mayor sets rigid rules for penance and self-denial. A lady comes into the village to set up a chocolate shop .... a luxury too far, contrary to Lenten self-denial!!

However, the minister abandons the agreed script at Easter and preaches about Jesus' humanity rather than his divinity, his caring and help for people. ""We are not measured by what we don't do, whom we exclude and what we deny; we are measured by whom we include, what we do do and what we embrace!!""

Exmouth Community Larder, 15th March 2021

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