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Community Larder report : November 2019

Demand has increased seriously in 2019; we are seeing 30% more people, adding family dependents the "people served" has increased 50%. The present administration of the Benefit System is leaving people with nothing while the situation is assessed, but apart from that there are no clear reasons for the increase.

The Exmouth Community Larder, on your behalf, continues to expect a referral from a recognised agency; we continue to function as we have since starting nearly seven years ago.

With grateful THANKS to the whole of greater Exmouth, we have enough supplies and reserves to support the need ..... for the moment!!
Christmas is upon us; as we get immersed in the "magic" of an affluent Christmas, let's recall the original Christmas story. Jesus came to join us on earth; his young mother was a refugee; the angels who announced his birth came to the down and outs minding sheep on the hillside, not the great and good of society! His family were soon refugees again, fleeing into Eqypt.

A child was turned down from being a shepherd in a nativity play because he wasn't scruffy or smelly enough! (... just a story!!).

Christmas is a time when stresses are at their worst for many people. The Larder mainly helps with food but can also give some comradeship. Being hungry is not a good place to regain self esteem after troubling events and difficult relationships.

THANKS once again for all your support throughout the year; we continue!

Apologies if reports become repetitive, but that is the nature of what The Larder needs to do. Please keep donations coming; we need the basics. Corned beef and bread make a better meal than mince pies - we do have reserves of beans, soup, pasta and tuna but welcome other basics - tinned peas, carrots, tinned meat dishes, tinned fruit etc.

Exmouth Community Larder, mid November 2019

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