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Exmouth Food Bank bulletin - July 2021

Dear Friends of the Exmouth FoodBank,

In June we delivered 153 parcels and fed 306 people. Although numbers are reducing we are still serving three times as many people as we were prior to the pandemic. Monthly graphs are available on the statistics page of our website, which you may find interesting.

People from all walks of life use the Food Bank. Some have their benefits stopped whilst they have been in hospital; waiting for over five weeks without money; not having enough to pay rent or bills. Some people are working and still struggling. Whatever their financial circumstances many people have experienced bereavement, accidents at work, mental and physical health problems, relationship breakdown - the sort of things that can happen to any of us. We have a team of amazing volunteers who all love to engage with people, not only to signpost to other agencies and help them to think of ways forward, but to make connections with people. We are inspired and humbled by peoples gratitude and resilience. We offer empathy and compassion and we do our best to give people hope that things can change.

We are testing a new idea which we are calling "out of hours boxes". We have made up some emergency food boxes and plan to deliver these to a number of designated collection points, such as local churches, schools and community halls. This means if we get an emergency call for food and the request is outside of our normal operating hours, we can arrange for the client to pick up the box. The box will provide enough food to last them until we are open again and can help with their ongoing needs.

We are so grateful for all who donate money and food and enable us to serve people within our Community. If you are able to donate food, this month we are in need of:
    Tinned Vegetables (eg carrots, peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms)
    Tinned Tomatoes Tinned Fruit (eg fruit cocktail, pineapple, peaches)
    Tinned Rice Pudding
    Tins & Packets of Custard Jars of Pasta Sauce

Bless your hearts to everyone who prays for us, donates and volunteers and we thank you for your dedicated support.

Elizabeth Reed

Exmouth Food Bank, 15th July 2021

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The Exmouth Food Bank opens
on Mondays and Fridays from 1.30pm until 3.00pm
. . . . (including weeks when Monday is a bank holiday).
BUT during the pandemic, we mainly deliver and discourage personal callers.

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