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Pictures of the Exmouth Salvation Army hall,
showing The Larder in the Covid19 crisis, July 2020

After 7 years of normal operation, with a narrow passage and volunteers rushing to get things for customers, the Covid19 pandemic caused major changes - not least a 3 fold increase in demand coupled with the need to deliver rather than have customers congregate to collect.

Most of the original volunteers needed to self-isolate due to close relatives with medical problems or plain old age. The '2020 summary' accessible through the website news page tells the changes made in April, May and June 2020 in more detail, including the huge response to the need for volunteers as well as amazingly generous increase in donations.

The following snapshots show how The Larder was organised in July 2020.

These show the hall reorganised to allow room for "distancing", with the original stock room
and back room used just for storage, to avoid people crowding there or passing in the hallways.

main hall laid out for sorting and bagging
The "platform area" (pictured below) is used to put newly arrived donations into quarantine for 72 hours to allow any virus to die off.

The chairs from the original hall layout can be seen stacked at the back - and also in the background of the picture above. 'platform' area to quarantine new donations
main hall laid out for sorting and bagging

Staff are kept abreast of news and views on the bulletin board below, including pictures of donors and donations arriving.

bulletin board in hall

The old stockroom is somewhat familiar from old times,
but how would we ever have managed without the "back room"!!

Pictures from the back room below on the left!!

stock in back room - pic 1

stock in back room - pic 2

stock in back room - pic 3
            ...... and the old stock room below on the right

original stockroom - pic 1

original stockroom - pic 2

original stockroom - pic 3

.... and, of course, there is still the reserve stock in "the garage" - with a soup lake, a bean mountain, much meat and a ton of tuna!! ....all being fed into the main stocks to keep everything within date!!

See full monthly narrative reports at:
www.exmouthlarder.co.uk/news (click here)

The Exmouth Larder opens regularly from 1.30pm until 3.00pm on Mondays and on Fridays .... (including weeks when Monday is a bank holiday).

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