Partner agencies who refer and support clients

When providing emergency food we realise that an individual or family is probably undergoing an underlying crisis.

The Exmouth Community Larder is therefore wanting to create good working relations with partner organisations who will both refer clients who need emergency food and who will support people in escaping from a deeper crisis.

Many people who truly want help are often reluctant to ask for it, which is why we need help from their contacts in the community; the need may become apparent to a school, health visitor, church as well as formal agencies.

If you want to join us, combatting food crisis in the Exmouth area, please let us know and we will supply vouchers that can be given to people in need.

Please answer the following questions and email us,
or click here for a copy in PDF format to post or bring it to our centre when open.

Name of organisation,     Street address
Principle contact,     Email address,     phone and mobile
Secondary contact,     Email address,     phone and mobile
Nature of support offered to clients
Do you want the Exmouth Community Larder to refer relevant clients to you?

We look forward to hearing from
all agencies and support workers
whose clients could be helped by
the Exmouth Community Larder


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To tell us your interest in volunteering, email the address below:

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